Thursday, March 25, 2010

CTP3 for MS CRM 5.0 now available!!

CTP3 for MS CRM 5.0 now available!!
The main features offered by CRM 5.0 include:
1. Features for end users

  • Enhanced Navigation - A “Fluent UI” like Office 2007
  • Single Page Forms - Single scrolling page, “quick access” navigation shortcuts and less pop-ups and clicks to complete common task
  • Data Filtering –In-line filtering like Excel, visualization of numeric data using in-line charts and availability of drill through charts
  • WSS integration -Document management, site and document library provisioning and check-in check-out capabilities.
  • Team ownership for entities

2. Features for Administrators and Customizers

  • Filtered Lookups :)
  • Solution Management -A single unit solution (a defined set of entity customizations, workflows, e-mail templates, security roles, plug-ins etc.), version controlled solution and ability to specify selected attributes for exporting
  • “Global Picklists” at solution level that are re-usable across multiple entities.
  • Drag and Drop form editor
  • New server role for running custom code
  • Plug-In Transaction support
  • .Net 4.0 Support out of the box
  • LINQ for CRM

Read more about CRM 5 at
and CTP3 for CRM 5 at

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