Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Issues after Re-Naming MS CRM Servers computer/machine name

Currently I faced a scenario where the machine on which MS CRM 4.0 was installed was required to be renamed on LAN. My deployment had the SQL Server installed on another machine on LAN.

After changing the MSCRM Server machine name, MS CRM browser stopped working and started showing error “SqlException: Login failed for user [Domain Name]\[New Machine Name].” This error comes when the MS CRM server related entries in registry and database (that refer to the server name) have not yet been changed to the new server name

This problem could be solved by 'Repairing’ the MS CRM 4.0 installation on the machine after renaming it.
Go to the Control Panel -> Add or Remove programs-> Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server. Repair the installation.

Repair installation internally performs the following actions:
a. In the registry, ServerURL key value at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/MICROSOFT/MSCRM is updated with the new machine name (example: the value would be like “http://:5555/MSCRMServices”).
b. Adds new server name entry to dbo.server table in the MSCRM_CONFIG database.
c. Adds the new machine name (computer name) to the PrivUserGroup and SQLAccessGroup in the active directory groups.

These steps could also be performed manually (I actually performed steps a) and c) manually before ‘Repairing’  ).

These steps should ensure correct working of MS CRM in case of renaming of server machine after installing MS CRM 4.0.


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