Sunday, January 17, 2010

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mid Market Buzz

Microsoft is trying to exploit its desktop applications strength in large enterprises and promote its now-more-robust business applications to this sector.

Buyer interest in Microsoft solutions is high in the market and is growing in the enterprise segment. Enterprise buyers will be attracted to Microsoft Dynamics CRM if they have made a commitment to a Microsoft infrastructure in order to lower their TCO in buying and managing business technologies. Buyers also like Microsoft Dynamics CRM usability and its quick time-to-value compared with traditional CRM applications. 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a wealth of sales analytics and automation capabilities that help organisations to zero in on their sweet-spot and institutionalise best practices for improved sales alignment. Microsoft has branched into various in-house technology integration with CRM Suites. The latest concept of (X)RM has proved to be a successful engagement to leverage rich set of technologies to counter diseased markets.

When you are looking for a feasible CRM, it's important to draw comparison with other products. If you consider the mid-market you can see that Oracle Siebel and SAP are moving down in the market, and Microsoft is busy with efforts to extend the customer base. Siebel's scores high when it comes to functionally rich CRM applications and first rate interface. Microsoft dynamic CRM seems to have bright prospect with the mid marker companies.However, Microsoft should consider including more effective business-to-business (B2B) marketing and sales features.

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