Friday, January 15, 2010

Marketing Campaigns - Recording Campaign Responses

Nice read on how to capture Campaign Responses in MS CRMMicrosoft CRM includes four ways to create campaign responses:

• Record responses manually : Enter responses based on a direct marketing campaign activity.

• Convert an existing campaign activity to a campaign response: When someone responds to the marketing material you’ve sent them, you can convert the corresponding campaign activity, such as a phone call, e-mail, or appointment, to a campaign response.

• Automatically generate responses: For e-mail activities you’ve included in your campaign, you can also use Microsoft CRM to generate the campaign responses automatically. When customers respond to e-mail activities, you can choose to have Microsoft CRM create the corresponding campaign response records automatically.
This option is available only if e-mail tracking is enabled. This is a setting your administrator can set. If you are an administrator, set the Track e-mail option to Yes on the E-mail Tracking tab on the System Settings dialog box, and verify that Create campaign responses for incoming e-mail is set to Yes on the Marketing tab in this dialog box.

• Import campaign responses into Microsoft CRM from an external file: In addition to creating campaign responses within Microsoft CRM, you can also create them outside the system and then import them.

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