Sunday, December 13, 2009

Customizing Workplace

We might be faced with a customer requirement, where it is required that we customize workplace to show say, Type as "Phone Call" instead of "All" and Due as "Today" instead of "All". This customization is possible, although it is unsupported by Microsoft.

The activities page displayed as default view in Workplace can be found at: <install dir>\CRMWeb\Workplace\

Modifying the code as follows does the trick:
function window.onload()
// ---------- Add the following code to the OOTB method ----------
// Eg. Set Due = Today as default
crmDateSelector.selectedIndex = 1;

// Eg. Type = Phone Call as default
crmTypeSelector.selectedIndex = 3;
// ---------------------------------------------------------------

Please note that above code is unsupported.

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